1) What are superfoods?

A new era has dawned on our choice of foods. At a time and age when lifestyle related diseases have established a strong presence in every home, Superfoods are a key dietary choice to regain health and wellness. Superfoods are nutrient-rich foods that have functional benefits for health and wellness. Superfoods have multiple excellent properties and are known to help increase energy, vitality, help regulate cholesterol and blood pressure and has potential to help prevent or fight cancer and other diseases.

2) I'm new to this, what's the best product to start with?

SaiYum Foods' Premium White Chia Seeds is the best way to begin your Superfood journey. These seeds are of the highest quality and packed with nutrients and the daily intake requirement is minimal (ie - 15 gms. per day). Chia seeds are the richest source of Omega-3 fats from a plant source. Omega-3 fats are important for our overall wellness and health.

3) What is the shelf life of the products being offered?

2 years if stored properly in cool, dark and dry conditions.

4) Any known side effects for these products?

Side effects - Health, well - being and happiness!

5) Can these be consumed by anyone and everyone, including diabetics, pregnant women etc?

Superfoods can be and should be consumed by everyone.

6) How do you manage the quality of your products?

SaiYum premium white Chia seeds are grown by farmers who are committed to excellence. The entire protocols for agrotechnology of growing premium white Chia seeds has been developed and established by the best national food and nutrition research institute, Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI). SaiYum premium white Chia seeds have been produced and processed by farmers educated by CFTRI in the best package of practices for agrotechnology and post-harvest management.

7) How do you manage the quality of your products?

Quality from farm to fork is established by farmers who diligently follow protocols set scientifically.

8) Where are your products available?

By placing your order on SaiYum's e-commerce enabled website (www.saiyum.com). Via online market portals (eg.amazon, flipkart, snapdeal) Most Retail Stores Chain. Also, like and share our page SaiYum Foods on Facebook and Twitter to get offers and updates.

9) Are your products vegan?

Our products, Chia and Quinoa are vegan. In fact Chia is a 100% vegan source of Omega- 3.

10) Do your products contain caffeine?

No, our products do not contain caffeine.