1. Other Documents.

The Terms & Conditions mentioned on this page cannot be altered, amended or supplemented in any way unless agreed upon and signed by the Authorised Signatories for both the Customer and SaiYum Foods.

2. Governing law

This agreement and any payment that result from a sale on this website are governed by the Laws of the State of Delhi.

3. Payment Terms; Orders

Unless specified otherwise, payment will be received by SaiYum Foods before acceptance of the Order. Payment for the products can be made using any of the multiple payment channels that are mentioned by SaiYum Foods.

4. Shipping Charges; Taxes.

Any additional charges towards shipping and taxes will be mentioned on the website and in the invoice.

5. Risk of Loss.

Loss or damage to products when being shipped by a courier agent chosen by SaiYum Foods will be the responsibility of SaiYum Foods. However, if the courier company is designated by the customer, any loss or damage to the products in transit will not be the responsibility of SaiYum Foods.

6. Return Policies.

Please keep in mind that these are edible products that have gone through the strict quality checks of SaiYum Foods. SaiYum Foods does not accept Returns and Refunds for goods that have been delivered. The only exception is, if a wrong product has been delivered and the customer has not opened the product packing or used the product. Please contact us in this case, as the Returns and Refunds will be sorted on a case to case basis.

7. Products.

SaiYum Foods are regularly upgrading their products. As a result, the company holds the right to revise, discontinue existing products and add new products without any prior notice. SaiYum Foods is not responsible for any typographical errors and misprints.

8. Price Definitions and Promotions.

SaiYum Foods is regularly conducting product awareness drives, discounts and other such promotional offers. These offers are for a limited duration and any purchases made before or after the promotion phase or through a channel that is not being promoted, will not get the benefit of the promotion activity.

All offers are governed by Terms & Conditions that are specified with the corresponding offer.

Accepting promotional codes being offered by the organisation from time to time is at the sole discretion of SaiYum Foods.

SaiYum Foods reserves the right to cancel any order.

9. Limitation of Liability.

You are purchasing these products at your own free will. The product liability does not exceed the value of the product being purchased.

10. Arbitration.

Any arbitration, claims, disputes are subject to the jurisdiction and courts of Delhi.

11. Applicable Law; Not For Resale.

Customer agrees to comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the various states and of India. Customers are buying the products for their own consumption and not for resale. Please contact SaiYum Foods in case you wish to buy these products for resale as there are different Terms & Conditions that govern such arrangements.

12. Acceptance.

By ordering any product from SaiYum Foods, through any channel, you are bound by the Terms & Conditions mentioned in the points above. You are also accepting the Terms & Conditions that may be mentioned elsewhere on the SaiYum Foods website and other online presence.

13. Privacy Policy:

SaiYum Foods will keep the user information in a safe and secure environment to the best of it’s ability. Client information will be shared with promotional partners to get in touch with people who are leaving their contact information on the website. The website may contain links that will lead to other websites. Please read the Privacy Policy of those websites when visiting them as they will not be governed by the Privacy Policy of this website. We use third party cookies, tracking scripts and remarketing scripts to stay in touch with those who visit our website.

14. Copyright & Trademarks:

The website uses brands, logos and other copyright and registered trademarks that belong to SaiYum Foods and other legal entities that hold a right over their use. Please do not copy and reuse any part of the content on this website without getting in touch with us first.

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