Chia Seeds


Each box contains 100GM of White Chia

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Premium White Chia grown in South India with CFTRI agro-technology.
How to use Chia  Health benefits of Chia Download  

The health benefits of Chia , which is part of the leaflet content, is given below for easy reference:

Health benefit Omega-3 Fibre Protein
Improved cardiovascular health
Increased cognitive performance (Improves attention span, concentration & memory power)
Increased physical endurance
Helps with weight loss
Glowing skin
Optimum wellness (improves physical stamina & mental alertness)
Mood alleviation
Promotes healthy Brain chemistry
Supports blood sugar management
Gut / Digestive health

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Chia Box - Package Options

4 Chia Boxes Pack (400 GM), 6 Chia Boxes Pack (600 GM), Single Chia Box Pack (100 GM)


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