How to use Chia

1 Simplest method is to place a tablespoon of SaiYum premium white Chia seeds in a glass of water (250 ml), stir briefly and allow to gel for about-10-15 minutes. The Chia gel, along with the water, can be directly consumed. Alternately, a tablespoon of Chia gel can also be consumed mixed with fruit juices/ curds/ buttermilk etc. instead of plain water.

2 Chia gel can be mixed with milk / coconut milk, fresh fruit, honey, drinking chocolate etc. to make delicious Chia puddings and desserts.

3 Roasted or even raw Chia can be sprinkled on our breakfast cereals, yogurt, salads, sautéed vegetables or rice dishes.

4 Chia seeds also blend in well into many of the everyday baked foods that we eat. The seeds can be added while baking, to add nutrition quality to the baked products.

5 Because of their ability to form a gel, they can be used to thicken sauces and even used as egg substitutes in recipes.

6 Chia gel mixed in water with a little honey can be consumed directly as a health drink.

Chia is a versatile ingredient and has wide application in even traditional foods.

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